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Final Beauty Shots



We’re a little late to the party, so we’ll just get right to it!

Initial Concepts




Scene Paintover



We are taking a lot of inspiration from the likes of Kung Fu Panda, Cloudy the Chance of Meatballs, etc. I’m floating between visual styles at the moment and attempting to define the over composition but hopefully between these concepts you’ll have an understanding of the direction we are heading!

Once things are locked down I'll look to sort out a bit more of a scene description/spec but our main goal is to create a fun and colourful environment.


  • NobleWulf
    This looks absolutely amazing. Can't to see where this progresses.
  • iansmithartist
    @NobleWulf Thanks

    Extremely WIP

    Spent much of this week blocking in the environment with basic assets and getting a feel for the scene. Still plenty of assets to rough out before moving on.

    Scrawld Has been working on the buildings and foliage, while I've been making the mountain, tower, etc.

    Some concerns I have at the moment are keeping to a unified colour scheme that matches the original concepts & creating the composition clean and dynamic, with out being too cluttered.


  • duncan
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    duncan polycounter lvl 11
    HAHAHA!............. I really love this. Awesome idea and the style is RAD.

    Great work, I am keen to see more.
  • tortu-genial
  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    Thought it best I introduce myself. I'm scrawld, the second half of Team Tempura :).

    Currently blocking in the basic, but here's a breakdown for some of the assets. The meshes and textures are place holder and will be worked up to finish once everything is place.

  • iansmithartist
    Here are some updates to the blockout. Added a few new assets, moved stuff around. The composition in the first image is starting to look a bit cluttered so it might need some refining.


  • ScudzAlmighty
    This is fantastic, but it makes me sooooooo hungry!
  • throttlekitty
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    throttlekitty Polycount Sponsor
    I love this so much! Crank them colors up!

    (i want to see this for a sushi bar now, fleeing sushi instead of riding boats, mats or whatever.)
  • iansmithartist
    @ScrudzAlmighty Feeling hungry? The scene must be working. :)

    @throttlekitty Agree about the colours. Its something we are very aware of. We want to keep it colourful, but also keep a consistent colour pallet and draw the eye to the right places. Once the textures are on the model and in the scene they seem to become desaturated (As you can probably tell in the pics below). Partly due to the fog, but once everything is lit properly it will bring everything together.

    This took a lot longer than expected but here is the sushi tower building block. I'm thinking of maybe building on to it with smaller bits to add detail but right now there are plenty of other things that need doing!


    The sushi tower in-situ [please ignore the broken textures on the falling sushi and general WIP stuff.]

    Thanks for lookin'.
  • iansmithartist
    Here are the pieces of sushi that will raining down as the tower collapses. Screenshot from Max viewport with Xoliul view port shader.
  • iansmithartist
    Would love to spend a while longer on this lil' chap but must move on!
  • d1ver
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    d1ver polycounter lvl 11
    Ah, loving the style! :) Reminds me of the Day of the Tentacle somehow. Must be sky.
    Anyway, bake some lighting and crank up some vibrance, otherwise it's looking really great(and making me really hungry)

    Cheers :D
  • Jessica Dinh
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    Jessica Dinh polycounter lvl 8
    Oh man, this is hilarious xD I love the idea, it's really fun. I feel like the rice grains should be bigger though, for better read? Just a thought though, keep going! ^_^
  • royalshark
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    royalshark polycounter lvl 5
    I absolutely adore this idea, it seems to be coming along rather nicely.
  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    Thanks for the kind words!

    @d1ver We're certainly missing some vibrancy. Once we've got everything in place that's something we'll start working on. A pass on the lighting would also help with that to hopefully.

    @Jessica Dinh Glad you're enjoying it. It's a good point. I think readability overall needs work.

    @royalshark Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

    Here's an update of the scene so far. The buildings have been updated, added in some new archways and the new sushi men are in too. The cliffs are currently WIP as I type. Still lots of things to do so its full steam ahead!
  • iansmithartist
    Whaah, not long to go now!

    Cliffs are in, swapped out the steps, new buildings, some lighting and post effects, its been a busy week!

    This my first real go at lighting a scene in UDK. We've not baked any light maps yet, we are still working to get the UVS set up for that. (Lesson learnt: Do your uvs for light maps as you go.) Its also my first foray into post processing effects, trying to strike right balance and not go OTT so any and all criticism welcome.
  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    Full steam ahead! Here's an update for the trees. The wood diffuse could do with some work and the poly count is a tad high, but i'm calling them done.. for now at least.
  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    Here are a few more assets I've been working on. We needed a few more assets to add smaller details, so I made some lanterns to dot about the place. I also created a few buckets and crates of wasabi peas and salmon roe. keeping things sushi related, naturally :P.

    I've also added in some grass and flowers too.

    So close now!
  • iansmithartist
    Lighting wasn't really work. Had a chat with a colleague and he made a bunch of great suggestions, and I made some changes. Take a look:

  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    I've spent this evening putting together some tech shots while Ian's been putting the final touches to the scene. Here's a breakdown of the completed buildings:
  • jsargent
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    jsargent polycounter lvl 5
    This has come together great, and I love the new lighting
  • Jason Young
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    Jason Young polycounter lvl 10
    Looks great guys! The new lighting and overall feel have really come together.
  • d1ver
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    d1ver polycounter lvl 11
    Amazing job guys. I really like the style, and the way you tackled your mood is really pro. Restecp :D
  • Dan!
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    Dan! polycounter lvl 6
    I'd play this - super fun style!
  • iansmithartist
    Thanks for the kind comments. Im glad peeps approve of the new lighting, it was a real worry of ours!

    Been working on the second view. Made a change to the layout, lighting, etc. Still a few more tweaks I want to make.

  • iansmithartist
    Continuing to refine those details.

    Could really do with some peoples opinions on how the image looks on their monitor? At home its looks pretty consistent, but on my works machine (which is colour calibrated) its considerably darker and really high contrast.

    Whats peoples opinions? Is it too dark? Could it be brighter? Too much contrast?

  • Ehsan Gamer
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    Ehsan Gamer polycounter lvl 6
    LOVE IT .

    Just one thing about the trees.

    Try to edit the face normals of leaves. I can see some faces are dark.

    U can find some good tips in Wiki pages.
  • EmAr
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    EmAr polycounter lvl 11
    One of the coolest entries :)

    I'd trust the calibrated monitor probably. It's not too dark on my monitor(which is not calibrated either). I'd probably try toning down the contrast at the areas which contain whites though.
  • Guedin
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    Guedin polycounter lvl 9
    WOW ! So much awesomness in this thread ! I love it so much :D
    Maybe there's something you can do with the pink sushi running in the foreground. I feel like it should be the main point of interest in your picture, but since he is pink on a pink background, it's not the first thing we see when we look at you picture.
    You could try maybe to play with contrast between the character and the sky, or maybe try to shift the color of the sushi.
    I tried to do a paintover but I must admit it's not really perfect either :D Anyway, I hope it could be useful to you :D
  • JessCooper
    This looks so cool and so fun!
  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    Hey guys, sorry it's taken a while to post back. We've been super busy with the final push.

    @Ehsan Gamer Thanks, A good point. They do look a bit funky in places. I tried today to tweak the normal faces but not with much success. As it's so close to the deadline I didn't want to get hung up on it so decided to cheat a little. I tweaked the material instead and add a slight emissive to lessen the effect. At last its something I'll be aware of next time around. :)

    @EmAr That was our hunch. The lightings been a tricky thing to nail. Hopefully we'll end up with something that will work well. Ian's been the one who has been tackling it, so he'll have an update soon with how it turned out.

    @Guedin Thanks for the great feedback! You were right, the sushi guy was getting lost again. A whole bunch of tweaks have been made that should put him back in focus. Again, Ian will have more of an update on how its all going.

    As the archway had become more of a focus point in the second beauty shot I decided to revisit it and show it some love. I ended up more or less redoing it. The biggest change was giving the top more detail and a more defined wood texture. Hopefully it holds up a little better in the close up.

  • iansmithartist
    Thanks to everyone who gave us comments, criticism and support along the way.

    Spent today tweaking and refining, which I feel I could keep doing forever, but we are calling it done, finished, finito.

    Here are our submission images. Now someone pour us that pint!







  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    I also wanted to give my thanks to everyone who gave us comments and criticism. This is the first time we've completed an entry for a polycount challenge (or any challenge for that matter) and we're super pleased with how it turned out.

    Congratulations to all those that took part and submitted entries. It was a lot of fun; I'm looking forward to the next one ;)
  • Lilith
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    Lilith Polycount Sponsor
    I just love this crazy pink sushi thing, cute :)
    Everything looks beautiful
    Also concept reminds me of Day Of Tentacle and that is awesome, great game
  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 10
    I really love how this turned out! The colours are outstanding, and its just a really fun and creative idea. You guys did a great job, congrats!
  • d1ver
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    d1ver polycounter lvl 11
    Dope! Congrats on finishing ;) Thanks for all the materials you've shared guys, this is looking really great. Loving the colors and theme :D
    Best of luck!
  • iansmithartist
    @dv1er Glad you like it . Its the first competition Scrawld & I have been able to finish in time! I think that's been the biggest reward.

    @shabba Thanks man, we were really worried that our colours weren't gonna tie together, but I think once we started the lighting things started to click.

    @lilth D1ver also mentioned Day of the Tentacle, we'll take that compliment any day :D

    Thanks for the kind words, its been a lot of fun working on this stuff alongside so many great entries.
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    ENODMI polycounter lvl 9
    I like this one:)
  • Iciban
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    Iciban polycounter lvl 8
    What a great theme! Super ccute. Really like the colours you choose and the lightening? superb! congrats on finishing
  • talley
    I just wanted to express that your entry was by far my favorite. It was really the only entry that looked like a video game and not a "setpiece" render. Your entry showed level design, character design, and actually gave a feel of what the gameplay would be like and how to control the main character. I wish you good luck on your future projects!
  • scrawld
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    scrawld polycounter lvl 9
    Thank you all for the kind words. It's really nice to hear people are enjoying it. It makes all the hard work really worth it. After this experience we're certainly keen to take part in whatever polycount surprises us with next :).
  • Msansook
    It was wonderful watching this project grow! I too am in love with the crazy fun style! I am creating a sushi level myself with assets hahaha I have a moody smirky shrimp tempura roll XD GREAT JOB!
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