DEEPVOID : Source code is released ! (UDK)

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DeepVoid is a free FPS, made with UDK by a small team of 3D enthusiasts. It's a multiplayer fast-FPS, aiming to provide hardcore gamers a good experience.
The game is set in a close future, with two factions fighting in deep space. It features Team-Deathmatch and Capture-the-Flag game modes, in futuristic environments.

We were selected in the Top 100 for IndieDB's Indie Of The Year 2012 !

Today, we released most of the game's source code, more than ten thousands lines of code in UnrealScript, C++, C and Python.
We hope to help other game makers to build their games with these tools. You can follow our work here : Open source | DeepVoid .
We also hope to release a SDK for the game when it's releases, in the upcoming months. Right now we are working on a full-scale CTF level.

We have been working on DeepVoid for a year now. Most of the game mechanisms are in place, such as :
  • Various weapons with customizations ;
  • Player statistics : kills, accuracy, etc ;
  • Server browser, dedicated servers ;
  • Complete GUI : menus, HUD ;
  • And more.. !

Interested ?
We are looking for 3D environement artists, willing to work with a young, highly motivated team. Most of the game structure is ready, we just need more content !
You can also simply follow us.
[ame=" - Work in progress 1 - YouTube[/ame]
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