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Mr. Pockets Motivational Workshop Thread

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently a graduate student learning 3D modelling and game design and after being inspired by the open nature of this forum and workshop I've decided to start using what spare time I have to make custom items for Dota2.

Hopefully this will help me learn the modelling tools faster as well as adding some cool (hopefully published) material to my portfolio.

I figured the best way to motivate myself to follow through on these projects would be to have a WIP thread where I can get feedback on my designs.

So for my first item I decided to make a Meepo Weapon I am calling the Riftshadow Spade. The handle portion will be wooden with a small hand-wrap towards the bottom. The spade itself will be made from a bluish gemstone material which will hopefully read as the riftshadow crystal from the Meepo lore page. Here are the early concepts:


Here is the triangulated base mesh in Maya and a nicer image in zbrush ready for scultping:


Feedback is most definitely welcomed.


  • throttlekitty
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    Pretty solid modeling work, I'd only suggest exaggerating the bulb on the tip of the handle.

    and general rule of thumb for Zbrush sculpting is to send your models in quads rather than a triangulated mesh. It's also helpful to have even topology to aid with subdiv sculpting, a loop or two along the handle and blade would fix that right up. Unless you plan on going the dynamesh route, then disregard this :D
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