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Hi folks, long time on forum, but most probably have no posts)) Anyway why not to share something I working currently, this scene is sort of remake of my old test scene on udk, which I made about 4 or 5 years ago in one week or so. Back then it was small simple scenery which I made to test Dominant light, this time it transforms to something larger an more interesting, It still WIP, and as I see will be for quite a long time))) as far it goes further I need more things to sort out.
Partly portfolio piece, partly test polygon for everything, from workflow to Lighting and Shaders. Therefore most all content is in progress and some things most probably transforms to something different..)))
Currently working on some rocks meshes and need to finalize my custom BRDF shader and make shading consistent across all meshes and landscape, so then I would b able finally fix my ocean surface.. It was better with blurry reflections, but had issue with flickering due kernel blur on scene capture actor(((


Latest shader


And some simple manual -
  • Grayscle sky lighting,
  • Set Spec and Roughness values = 1 if use SRO (Specular, Roughness, Other) (Sample in MI folder)
  • Fresnel controls for metals face=1. 90 = 1 - (sample in MI folder)
  • Experiment with mixing base layer and coat layer.
    For instance blurry base layer and light, more sharp coat layer for plastics.
    Semi reflective and gloss main layer, and only on grazing angles coating with max blur for Velvet like effects, etc.


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