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ESCAPE - Classical Antiquity

Week 1

I love the paintings of Charles-Louis Cl


  • pity
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    pity polycounter lvl 8
    It will be interesting to see the classic landscape in real time 3d! Good luck!
  • MarkB
    Week 2

    I finished all the trim pieces. After surface sampling each trim object to a lower resolution I used dDO for the texture work. I then started work on the High resolution pillar top object.


    Dynamesh and the Zbrush decimation plugin are incredible. I was able to build the pillar top out of multiple pieces slamed together in Maya. I then used Dynamesh to produce a clean quad and water tight asset without using any messy booleans. I then ran the decimation plugin to bring the in game pillar asset down to 4000 tris.

  • raul
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    raul polycounter lvl 11
    This is starting to look really cool!
  • ZeroStrike
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    ZeroStrike polycounter lvl 8
    Those trim pieces look great.
  • MarkB
    Week 3

    (late update, could not find time so I'm updating a week later)

    I finished work on the pillar. The top is very ornate so I decided to keep the column simple with just a few cracks. I then started work on the main block modules that will make up most of the basic architecture. I just hammered down the edges with a planar brush and used a few alphas for detail. I like to sculpt multiple objects at one time in Zbrush to save time when sampling and texturing. I usually sculpt all the objects that will be on the same texture sheet at the same time.

    Here is the pillar sculpt in Zbrush.

    Here are the basic stone blocks that will be used hundreds if not thousands of times in the real time environment.

    Here are some of the ornate details that will line the roof of a tunnel.
  • MarkB
    Week 4

    I textured all the block and ornate modules and started assembling some assets together in Maya to see how they sit together in a scene. I unified all the textures and made some adjustments based on how the assets look put together. I also started sculpting two high detail trees for the scene.

    Here is what the tunnel roof will look like

    Here are most of the basic modules sitting together in Maya


    Here is my workshop file where I can play around with the pieces and see if they are working or not.

    WIP hero trees


    Working on the texture in dDo
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    very nice sculpting work!
  • bisenberger
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    bisenberger polycounter lvl 13
  • narticus
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    narticus polycounter lvl 7
    Really really nice looking! How's this coming along? Care to share how you created the detailing? Custom alphas in zbrush? Or were the alpha's photo sourced?

    Found this thread through a google search, actually. I'm looking for info on creating this type of detail in zbrush. Having a tough time converting a photo to a clean alpha. Just looks messy when I DragRect it out.
  • feber12
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