ESCAPE - Corporate Assassin - Safemilk(Daniel)

Hey guys, I'm a bit late to enter, but I have a few images and blockouts to put up.

I'm doing a scene that has heavy Deus Ex influences. The idea is that the protagonist has just done some sort of corporate espionage type activities in an office, and a security team breaks in to stop her. She looks as if she is about to surrender... but maybe she isn't. They are too late to stop her anyway...

Here's a blockout, it's very basic, and has placeholder characters:

And here's a little sketch on an envelop... I don't use my mail for it's intended purpose.

And finally, here's a little bit of the reference I've collected as a style guide. I have some zbrush stuff already, so I'll post that soon.

All in all, the biggest problem I'm going to have is the environment, I understand how to approach smaller props like guns, or lamps, and I have a good grasp on characters, but wider stroke stuff like environments always trips me up, so I'm hoping I can learn a few things! Also, I'm hoping for some awesome critiques that make me run to my room and cry aggressively into my pillow, but then wake up the next day ready to apply those critiques.

Thanks guys, and good luck to everyone!



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