Many Hats FPS project.

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ErikNilsson interpolator
Hi yall, We are a small group of students from The Game Assembly and this is our thread where we will post the progress and updates of our nine (9) weeks fps game project.

Since this is a school assignment we have certain requirements to stick to, one of them is that there has to be a co-op element, and it has to be an FPS.

So, We have a total of nine weeks to get a fully playable and nice looking co-op fps game working. we are creating all the art ourself as well as building our own engine from scratch. The only thing we are not creating ourselves is sound and music as well as the physics engine. (we will be using the havok physics engine.)

At The Game Assembly we always have a game project parallel with our regular classes, We have so far created six out of eight games, feel free to check them out or download them here: (It´s free!) ;)


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