baking AOs on multiple objects?

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lets say i have a pipe that goes into a wall, but both are in different UV pages. Is there a way to have the AO between the pipe and the wall be baked but they're consisted within their own pages?

one thing ive been doing for a project (because i couldnt get this to work) was create edges on objects to indicate where i would physically paint an AO to use.

the even slower process ive tried was paint on a map, then realize the AO i painted wasnt where i wanted, so i slowly moved/modified it over time. and eventually i'll get where the AO SHOULD be.

So baking an AO form multiple objects and the AO will be in both the object's UV would be a MUCH faster process. ive tried researcing but found nothing.

how would you approach this?

i use maya,max,zbrush, xnormals, and photoshop for my work so if you have a method within these programs thatd be nice.


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    hello travisdreams

    You can use Xnormal, load your meshes in HighPoly's pannel and in LowPoly's pannel.
    When you bake your AO, just deactive the second object in low poly Pannel but let them checked both of them in highpoly.

    Repeat the operation on the second object. Don't forget to change the destination's name file

    You will have two AO, just make a multpliy in photoshop and collapse the stack.
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