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I have an ongoing project of mine and for the past year or so I've been trying to get polycounters involved, but I realized I probably posted the thread to a too 'dead' part of the forums, so I thought I'd try my luck here...

I guess I could introduce myself first; my name is Tyler Rhodes, and I'm an animator who decided one day to make an animation about evolution. What's special about the animation is it involves many people who 'evolved' their drawings over time, which I then animated. I wanted to stray from the typical depiction of evolution as a linear process and instead represent it as a branching structure. You can see the animation here

[ame=" version:Patrick Henry School of Science and Art - YouTube[/ame]

with more general info on my process, artworks etc. here
and if you'd really like to know more without having to read, I explain a lot about the project in this radio interview, here

I've gotten international attention for this project, and since its inception, I've kept doing evolution variations with more groups of people, and amassing even more drawings ( I have over 1,500 animals now!).

One of the themes of the project are these repeated drawings, and I've been trying to get artists to take their own spin on the various creatures and 'evolve' them further in their own style (so that they aren't limited to crayon!), which is where you all come in!

Ok, so here's a bunch of the creatures I have thus-far...


My creature who started it all was in the middle, and spawned all the variation you see extending out in generations from the center.

For these new artworks, I was having people simply select a creature from the tree, and either pay homage or 'evolve' it further, and in their own style.
So yeah, that's basically it! I've been asking lots of artists to lend a hand, but only a few have responded, and I think there's nearly limitless creative potential in these creature drawings to be tapped.
So, in honor of popular science education and Darwin Day, let the art commence!

Here were some artworks from me, other artists, and fellow polycounters to give you an idea of what can be accomplished... Thanks!


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