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Creating Team Fortress 2 weapon in Maya 2010

Alright I am trying to create a melee weapon in Maya 2010. I have all the programs. I can import/export smd files. But here is the road block I am running into.
When I try to compile with GUIStudioMDl I get the ERROR: cannot find bone weapon_bone for bbox
I have skinned the model I made to the single bone joint called weapon_bone with bone a smooth and rigid bind and I still get this error.

Someplace told me to simply delete the $hbox from my qc file. and yes it will compile if I do that. However, testing the weapon only caused T2 to crash and I noticed that the mdl file created is only 1 KB in size compared to what it should be.

Other notes: because it doesn't want to compile because of that error I re imported the smd I created back into Maya. I have found that for some reason in exported it originally it has created 2 additional joints. One called Transform. One named after the model itself and I still have the weapon_bone joint. For some reason in exporting the smd it skinned it to the Joint named after my model.

Renaming that joint does not work. Trying to reskin to the original joint weapon_bone just repeats the process and creates 2 more joints on top of the ones already created. and the joint named after my model cannot be the original bone joint as it is created at the pivot point of my model.

another interesting thing if I delete history on my re imported smd the weapon_bone joint disappears completely
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