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Dota 2 Specific Tutorials for beginners?

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Atuli null
Hey guys, This is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong place or just a stupid question :)

I'm a fairly novice modeler looking to step it up a bit and learn some game modeling, specifically I want to get into making some dota 2 items. Love the art style and the game. Even just a rough workflow overview would be nice but some well presented step by step tutorials would be great. I should mention that I use 3ds max but anything I can follow along with is fine.

Thanks in advance.


  • anarcy
    Alot of the documentation from valve can seem a little advanced that's because it is

    but first things first here is my basic workflow

    1. find a hero i wana work on from here

    2. load all the meshes and materials into (maya for me) 3d program

    3. take screen dump and import that into photoshop

    4. blast ideas out, silhouettes/cool weapons/external references etc

    5. come up with a few variations ask peple around you ,on forums ,everywere witch one catches the eye the most

    6. start working on more detail shadowed/colored concepts

    7. get a concept i like

    8. ortographs if needed

    9. sculpt or model or both

    10. retopo (depends on depth)

    11. unwrap

    12. export ao/normal/spec etc

    tip: have a look at this it will show you how to use valves dota2 material properly

    14. test in dota2 or the spectator client theres a few way to do it its simple to find a tutorial on it

    15. submit to the work shop

    note: doing all this you should have some sort of "progress thread" on a forum like poly-count here, its great for feedback and also to show people that your not copying something else (people get really mad about that)

    hope this helps

    all else fails try Google there's gotta be something on youtube
  • Atuli
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    Atuli null
    Thanks heaps for the reply man, I suppose i'm even too beginner for that work flow so the best bet is just to keep practicing everything until I get to the point of understanding what is required.
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