UDK Broken Down Bar

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theonewhoknocks polycounter lvl 5
Let me know what you guys think, I had to do this in about 2.5 weeks. Finishing up now. Let me know what needs improvement. Thanks guys.




  • PacoCasares
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    PacoCasares polycounter lvl 4
    This is great! for 2.5 weeks its very impressive. What is this for? a client? what is the goal of this scene?
  • theonewhoknocks
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    theonewhoknocks polycounter lvl 5
    I'm actually using it for my Demo Reel, which is due in about 5 weeks, I didn't like one of my other environments too much, so I got cracking on a new one. Pushed it out as fast as I could, to give me time to touch up my other 2 envioronments.

    I wanted to create an environment that had alot of mood and comfort. A broken down bar, but a place you would feel comfortable being in, because it's been upkept after some disaster. It's hard to describe lol.
  • Add3r
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    Add3r polycounter lvl 6
    Keep in mind, one quality piece is better than 3 meh ones. You graduating from Ai? Sounds like a similar program I am going through right now as well ;) Well leading up to it...
  • theonewhoknocks
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    theonewhoknocks polycounter lvl 5
    Very true. I've been working on the other 2 for quite some time, so I've definitely been keeping that in mind.
  • Chillydog3D
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    Chillydog3D polycounter lvl 5
    It's really dark. Even if you want it too feel dark you can with everything been lit.
  • Akasha
    Stunning work Mate!
  • Jonas Dahlman
    What you have here looks nice but I think the lighting doesn't really bring justice to the scene as it looks a bit flat right now.

    I would suggest tweaking the color of the lights, (like the lightbulbs for example is completely white atm), maybe make them more yellowish, same with candles. Make the sign stronger and perhaps add other lightsources similar to that common in a bar. Playaround with the other settings as well, like falloff, intensity, fog etc etc.

    I also think it looks a bit weird with the bar stools just sticking into the floor like that. Otherwise nice work :)
  • PixelSuit
    I would certainly agree with the lighting suggestions, maybe look at trying to improve the reflection material for the mirror behind the alcohol bottles too. I think a good mirror shader would give you some nice depth to the scene. One small thing that bugs me are the stools going straight into the wooden floor, maybe add a base to them?
  • Anchang-Style
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    Anchang-Style polycounter lvl 6
    PixelSuit wrote: »
    One small thing that bugs me are the stools going straight into the wooden floor, maybe add a base to them?
    That would be the first thing i was to point out. Stuff like that always looks odd in the days of 201X
  • theonewhoknocks
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    theonewhoknocks polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks for all the great feedback guys.

    I will definitely be fixing the stools, I've look at a couple of references and have seen alot of bars have their stools going straight into the ground, but it does not look good in this scene, so I will definitely be adding a base.

    The lighting has also been in a pain as I was not sure which direction to go, but I will be tweaking the colors a bit to bring more mood into the scene as well.

    The mirror reflection isnt showing up that great in the screenshots but I came up with a shader that made the mirrors look dusty but still give of some depth and reflection to the scene as well.
  • GrimFiction
    Hey man, I'd suggest some dingy ceiling lights, just about burnt out. This might sort our some of your shadow issues and give the scene more atmosphere. Having a warm coloured light gives off the impression that its a musty, oldy type bar.

    Looking forward to seeing more! =)
  • fab-camp
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    fab-camp polycounter lvl 6
    do you got your lightmaps on your meshes working ?
    or do you bake your lighting into vertices in some of the props?
    because I can´t figure out where these shadows on the ground do come from....
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