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Render from channel 2 to channel 1

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RezNik triangle
In Max using RTT how do I render from channel 2 to channel 1?

I'm trying to get a character gradient with RTT.
Id really like to be able to do it in Max
Im stuck on "render to texture from channel 2 to channel 1"

These are the instructions Im following, found in a recent search.
pior wrote: »
Another way to go at it :
- assign a new set of UVs to channel 2, mapped as planar from front view
- apply a gradient texture to the model
- render to texture from channel 2 to channel 1
- done!


Any help would be appreciated:)


  • OtrickP
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    I wish I was at home to draw out what you need to do, but i'll try to brake it down.

    Make sure the character has a nice flat planar UV (the reason it's set to channel 2 is to make sure it doesn't mess up you "perfected" uv layout in channel 1). Front view means youl be generating one from the front and one from the back (if needed) Both planar.

    Apply the gradient material to the model.

    Render out a (color, diffuse, flat) I'm not sure which the option is, but you just want to render the color gradient material applied to the model (channel 2 will have your gradient map now) so it's a part of the texture set on channel 2.

    Use channel 1 for diffuse and channel 2 for gradient.

    Much better way is to just use 3D painting tools and use a gradient ramp tool to apply the texure, bake that out and overlay on your final texture. This prevents you from having to make a 2nd set of UV's. All that being said unless the game-specific shader your using needs/wants those gradient maps on a separate channel.

    Hope it helps!
  • Mark Dygert
    It doesn't matter what UV layout your object is using in the viewport, you set the output UV layout in, RTT under "Mapping Coordinates" this defaults to 1.

    So if your material and model are using UV2 or UV300, it will render to channel 1 unless you change the output channel in RTT.
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