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Sketchbook Pro 6 - How to get pressure to work?

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I just got a copy of Sketchbook Pro 6 the other day and can't seem to get pen pressure to work at all. Photoshop and other apps all work fine, but even after updating SP and my tablet drivers I'm getting nothing.

I'm using a 10x6.25 momoprice tablet. The only possible solution I've been able to find so far has been here (which didn't solve the problem):

Anyone got some ideas of things I could try?

Figured it out. For anyone else who comes across this issue, you have to disable Windows tablet features completely before it'll work via:

control panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On or Off > Tablet PC Components

Then restart, and it should work. Note that the tablets drivers will be reset by doing this, so you'll want to disable "Support Tablet PC Feature" and re-customize anything else you would normally change like the pen buttons commands.
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