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Directx 11 and me

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Joe March polycounter lvl 11
I have a question about Directx 11. I've been curious to what it actually does, and how much of a workflow change does it pertain to when creating game assets? Are there specific things to keep in mind when producing assets for directx 11? And are there any extra mas, settings, and things to place in a shader when creating for that technology? Thanks.


  • r4ptur3
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    r4ptur3 polycounter lvl 10
    DX11 has all sorts of goodies, but the hot topic is realtime tessellation and displacement. There's not many tutorials out right now so you will probably have to hunt for info. Tessellation is super fun but it is a bit of a workflow change as far as the modeling process goes. Displacement is no big deal -- its a lot like normal mapping.

    Here's some links to start you off:

    [ame=" UDK DX11 ????? - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=" Engine 3 - DirectX 11 Features Showcase Tech-Demo (2011) UE3 | HD - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=" DX11?????????? - YouTube[/ame]

  • Teessider
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    Teessider polycounter lvl 7
    This is the subject of my final year report (or my dissertation) at university so hopefully I will provide more insight in the coming few months (It will be in my blog and no doubt be on polycount at some point).
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