Molotov Games is Looking for Talent - Patriots

What is Patriots?
In 2020, a tyrant leader steps out from the ruins of WWIII. He leads with his own private military and promises to protect the people from danger and hunger. This promise is soon broken and the Patriots are formed.

Patriots follows the story of adrenaline junkie Max "Swagger" Slade and British rock & roller Liz Freeman as they must shift gears from freedom fighters to hardened survivalists. The two will go beyond the lines of human punishment and will rely on each other to continue on in the dangerous anarchist world and get to safety.

NOTICE: We are only developing a prototype demo right now. The reasoning is posted below.

Why Build Patriots?
We have been in contact with many many heavy hitters in the Triple A industry and many have guided and given advice. Someone by the name of Vince Zampella, known as the one of the creators of Call of Duty, has agreed to review a prototype if we were to present one and possibly send it to EA so that we can pitch it to them. Besides Mr. Zampella we have many other contacts in different studios including, Respawn Entertainment, EA, EPIC Games, Microsoft Studios, Gearbox Software, CodeMasters and more. Our aim is to create the best demo we possibly can showing off the very core of Patriots, displaying that innovation is needed for the industry and that Patriots can compete with the big boys of the AAA market.

What Do I Get?
There is guaranteed and possible rewards.

Solid Experience in the areas of your specified craft, working with a team, under deadlines and a bit of design.
Portfolio work to display your most recent skills.
Extra Practice to enhance your skills and a chance to receive help from others in areas you want to improve.

Royalty Payment if the game is to make it to the public.
Career Opportunities for some and exposure to the people in the Triple A industry.

What Are You Looking For?
Animator -

• Must have firm knowledge of animation and animation pipeline
• Must be able to troubleshoot and help your team if needed
• Need to know how to rig characters, weapons and environmental objects
• Animate basic and complex animations
• Must know UDK
• Knowledge of AnimTrees a plus

Programmer -
• Excellent Knowledge of the UDK
• Work well in UnrealScript and knowledge of C++ a positive
• Must have knowledge of A.I.
• Must be able to problem solve and adapt accordingly
• Dedication and reliability a must

Environment Artists -
• Knowledge of UDK
• Must know how to model from concepts and references
• Must have solid texturing skills
• Need to have an eye for detail
• Have a good sense of scale

Character Artist -
• Must have excellent understanding of male and female anatomy
• Must be able to work from concepts at well as reference images
• Must be able to optimize and produce clean models that are animation friendly
• Must have solid texturing skills present

Audio Designer - (We are not in a position to add audio yet but we will keep your email on file)

• Must be able to bring high quality and realistic sounds to the game
• Must be able to implement sounds and get them working in UDK
• Must be able to work with voice actors and bring high quality voiceovers to life
• Able to bring in your own voice actors according to character and script a major plus

What's Your Team Like?
Concept Artist (Characters & Environments)
Experience: 6+ Years. Professional Freelance Artist.

3D Artist (Environment & Props)
Experience: 5+ Years. Holds a BA in Games Modeling & Animation

3D Artist (Environment & Props)
Experience: 5+ Years. Has worked on several AAA titles

Animator (Rigging & Animation)
Experience: 4+ Years. Has worked on several mods and projects

Lead Programmer (All Programming)
Experience: 6+ Years. BA in Interactive Media. Has worked on many different projects

Programmer (All Programming)
Experience: 4+ Years. Has worked on several mods

Programmer (All Programming)
Experience: 5+ Years. Works at SEGA

Programmer (All Programming)
Experience: 3+ Years. Worked on several different mods

Composer (All Music and Composition)
Experience: 5+ Years. Holds a BA in Music and Graduate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television. Works on Hollywood movies and TV

Story & Script Writer
Experience: 7+ Years

Have A Website?
Art Dump:

How Do I Contact You?
Email us directly at:
[email protected]

Anything I Can Listen To?
[ame=" OST: Main Theme (We Called Upon War) - YouTube[/ame]

Quick Images?


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