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Demon Edge

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C86G greentooth
So, after finishing some freelance work, I wanted to do a nice relaxing project.
Nothing too big, yet something to learn from. I gave 3Point Shader another try and really put much time on the texturing and shading part.
And yeah, the 3Point Shader helped me getting a result I´m quite happy with.

It´s the Demon Edge Sword from Dota
2.706 tris








Maybe I´ll try and see how it looks in Skyrim : )


  • TheRealFroman
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    TheRealFroman polycounter lvl 7
    I saw this in the what are you working thread man that looks sick! I love the details and presentation :)
  • Add3r
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    Add3r polycounter lvl 7
    Incredibly clean work. This makes me want to finish my staff I was working on. That bake..... Spotless from what I can see. Very nice work man, from the tri count, to texture work, as well as the modeling itself, I have zero critique. Inspired.
  • PhoenixWolf
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    PhoenixWolf polycounter lvl 7
    i like this piece and presentation i would love to slash some baddies with this sword!
  • C86G
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    C86G greentooth
    Lower part of page 2 already? Huh :(

    Thanks guys for your comments!

    @ Add3r:
    Baking went surprisingly well and the first bake was even the final one.
    I usually get the bakings right, maybe some tweaking here and there, but looks like I had luck with this one ; )

    Texturing and presentation were indeed heavily focused. I was very soon done with the modeling but I knew my older projects always lacked good textures and some nice shots. Modeling took me max. 30% of the project´s time.
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