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[UDK] Mansion Corridor - Blitz Open Day

polycounter lvl 7
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ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
Hi Polycount!

Been a while since I posted anything! I have been working away on my portfolio and thought I'd make a thread for my newest project, a concept by Karl Simon:


Here's what I have so far (Sorry for the terrible screenshots, having some trouble with my laptop atm):



And some Zbrush work:






I'm very open to criticism! I'm submitting this for the Blitz Open Day in a week, and I want to get a place SO bad since I didn't last year. Any help would be mighty appreciated!


  • maverickhornet
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    maverickhornet polycounter lvl 9
    This is looking good! Off the bat, I think the ceiling might be a little too low compared in the concept. The ceiling has a curvature along the outside whereas you seem to have a rather sharp and noticeable edge. I would try your best to smooth that out as much as possible as it does stick out.
  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
    Wow quick reply :D you're from blitz too, love your work! Thanks for the suggestion, now that you've pointed it out it's really obvious. Will fix ASAP!
  • Clark Coots
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    Clark Coots polycounter lvl 8
    its looking good, you picked a great concept. If you're trying to be as accurate as possible to the concept The door has some proportion problems. The handles are too high, the indents are too square - they 2 larger indents should be more rectangular vertically. I think the entire door/frame is too wide actually. The main thing is the door handles look too high and it seems unnatural.
  • matt1146
    Like coots7 has said some perspective issues on the scene being too wide or would just need making higher just a bit and the door squares.
    Not sure if your trying to make it exactly like the concept but if you are the pilers are mostly correct apart from the bending top part.
    The floor seams to have a bit of the zbrush smoothing too it on the part next to the broken section were the detail of the flooring shouldn't end smoothly as well as the part of detail to the left of it on the zbrush screenshot and you can tell on the scene screen shot this might conflict with any texture you do with detail on that section.
    Other than that the scene look really nice and is coming along nicely
  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks for the advice and compliments guys! I spent today fixing the floor (moving the waves, getting rid of the circles so I can make them into decals), I've also changed the door but it's not updated in this screenshot. And I've worked on trying to make it seem like there's light coming through the ceiling. Progress is so slow :(

  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7

    Tad bit of progress :)
  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7

    Any suggestions?
  • Vertrucio
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    Vertrucio polycounter lvl 10
    The light coming from the glass is too bright, it's like the glass is what's illuminating the scene, not the full moon above. This is made more obvious by the dark night sky you have poking through.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to fix this. Perhaps research how we see in low light conditions.

    Look for lighting to be more like this:

    You'll probably end up having to project some fake lighting onto the walls in the shape of your stained glass, similar to how some games project god rays. Then lower the overall lighting of the scene to let the darkness settle in around those projections.

    The hole in the ceiling is just so low poly and un-detailed it screams game geometry. Seems to me the glass would break like any other glass, so gone, leaving some fragments around the supporting frame (in this case the stained glass cage).

    Also, where's the glass littering the floor?

    If you're going to have a giant chunk taken out of the column on the right wall, try to show the effects of whatever it is that destroyed that chunk of solid stone on nearby surfaces. Either gouges, impact or blast marks.
  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    the textures are looking good on the lower half of the scene but the glass doesnt really look transparent/refractive etc I know it has some glow to it in the concept but I feel that should be more subtle.
  • gartht3d
    Great work. The textures on the stone work are great. Very realistic. The roof is such an important feature and I think the concept nails it. Try making the circles in the glass larger and maybe the metal used to create the art thinner.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    It technically makes no sense for the metal circles to not be attached to the borders of each panel.
  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
    @Vertrucio Thanks so much for the help! :D I'll add some glass to the floor and fix the roof :D The roof isn't done yet :) I think I'll make the broken glass an alpha so it doesn't look as blocky :)

    @Ged Gonna work on the roof tomorrow, thank you! :D

    @gartht3d Thanks for the help, will implement your suggestions! :D

    Been working on making the floor reflective, texturing the pillars etc. :D


  • Wesley
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    Wesley Polycount Sponsor
    Haven't got much crit on the scene. But I remember you applying last year, you've come a long way since and it's good to see that you're keeping at it. I eventually got in on my third try! Good luck!
  • leleuxart
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    leleuxart polycounter lvl 8
    Good start! And you picked a fun looking concept to work from.

    Aside from what everyone has said about the older stuff, in your most recent post, the pillar texture seems very low-res, especially for what is pretty much the only mesh in the scene. I don't know what it is, maybe the diffuse again, but the floor also looks pixelated. Is it the screenshot compression? After looking at the other pieces in the screenshots(especially the one on the right), everything looks pixelated, so maybe it is the screenshot. :shifty:
  • AmbiguousPackage
    Great looking stuff going to add this to my list.
  • urgaffel
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    urgaffel polycounter lvl 12
    Two things stand out: Texture compression artifacts on the floor - I think it's the normal map being too heavily compressed which is causing it, you could try uncompressed to make it smoother maybe. Especially noticeable on the wavy patter on the sides.

    This is just a personal thing but the ceiling could use a few more segments so it's a bit more rounded. In the concept the sides look like they use 3 segments but it also look curved in places so not sure how far to take it. In your model, the sides are only two segments, maybe increase it a bit to make it smoother?

    Good start though and good luck!
  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
    Hi guys, thanks so much for the replies and suggestions, I've tried to implement them!

    I'm having a lot of trouble with screenshots. UDK isn't picking up the post process effects using tiled shot and I'm having to use 'snapshot' with F9, and because of my small laptop screen they're terrible quality! I'm really struggling whether to submit this scene, because I think some other work in my portfolio is stronger.

    Anyway, here's some terrible quality screens:


    Do you guys think I should submit either of these instead to Blitz?


  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7



    What I submitted!
  • JamieRIOT
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    JamieRIOT polycounter lvl 6
    Good job on how this turned out. I submitted an environment piece for the Blitz Open Day too, but this one shows mine up a bit :(
  • Shiv
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    Shiv polycounter lvl 12
    So much nicer than your stuff last year :D
    I bet you can see tons of improvement in yourself over the year especially if you compare this to the mediteranian piece :)
  • Doonhinkun
    I really like how the light interacts with the scene, most the window.
    I think is a strong piece for any portfolio, great work!
  • Mordin
  • salacious_Crumb
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    salacious_Crumb polycounter lvl 7
    Looks good! Lovely Cthulhu-esque scene.
    If I had to crit it I would say look at where the walls meet the floor, its one of the first things I look for. Add dirt in the textures where it would build up against the skirting boards and maybe the piles of dead leaves (decals maybe?) from the concept. Your scene is a little more saturated than the concept, the leaves in the concept look like they're dying or dead which kinda adds to the horror feel imo. Roots are ok, but think about adding some more roots as alphas.
    Looking at the concept it looks as if something has burst out out from the floor, climbed the wall, taking a chunk out of the pillar, and escaped through the roof. Damaging the lintel on the left and breaking the glass roof. So i would have added damage to that pillar and bit of stone near the roof too. And then it looks like the place has been abandoned for sometime as creepers have grown. The bit under the hole in the roof would have more dirt and grime from the weather, stains from rain etc. And maybe put another support in where the roof meets the wall at the end, its seems strange to see the glass up against the wall like that.
    Your fallen pillar is intersecting the floor in the bottom right image. I feel the hole could do with something more too, like fog or a very dim light down there or something.
    I'm nit picking though, overall it looks great. Nice piece to have in your portfolio. Good luck with Blitz!
  • Chris Kuhner
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    Chris Kuhner polycounter lvl 6
    Looking really nice!

    My only quibble comes down to some of the larger areas, in particular, where they meet other objects. For instance, in some of the places where there are large spans of the same material (i.e: the white marble on the floor), I think you should toss in some more dirt/grime/wear in areas where it meets the wall and its own decoration. I think that will definitely help to make everything come together while making each piece that much more believable.

    I like the lighting quite a bit, but, perhaps you could add a vignette to darkness in the foreground. That way, your point of focus will be emphasized and again, will help bring everything together. Don't let me being picky take away from what you've already done; its solid work! :)
  • fayesmith
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    fayesmith polycounter lvl 7
    Wondering if you got invited? (:
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