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Torchlight 2 Texturing Practice

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MrRagingSunshine polycounter lvl 8
Hi guys I'm currently created a model based off some Torchlight 2 concept art, and wanted you guys to take a look at my progress!


This is where I'm currently at, decently far along but there's still work to be done! Feel free to give me your critiques and general thoughts on it, as I would be more than happy to hear them :D


  • D4V1DC
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    D4V1DC polycounter lvl 13
    Very nice,

    Don't know why no one has tried to help but I will try to do my best, take everyone's C&C with a grain of salt and decide what's best for your piece.

    image instead:
    Eyes are more triangle shaped then what you have, pretty small in comparison to the concept, longer at the bottom same with the nose kind of small and longer at it's bottom. Don't know about the jaw might be pulled to far from the face seems a touch more inside and lined up(starts) with the outside of the eye socket.

    Looks like you sampled some colors from the concept which is good though your not using the brown colors on your green armor, these are my comments in image form. :) Hope they help a bit I really have to get back into diffuse asap. Thanks for the encouragement with this :) for my motivation.

    Hope I've helped and you continue this, not much editing to be done and should be fairly quick fixes.
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