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Hi there people of polycount. I recently started a monthly challenge that someone posted up. The challenge is about taking a piece of concept art and making it in a 3D package and importing the assets into UDK.

Basically I would like lots of feedback so I can approach my next project with better understanding. If you want wireframe shot of something just ask and I'll get it to you asap

Note: I'm using Maya for my modelling and texture baking.

The concept art which I painted over to identify repeated props and how many I needed to make

I started blocking out the scene. Got a bit carried away with the mechanical section. None of it snapped to the grid.

Mechanical section redone: High and low poly

Normal Map of mechanical section (space left for some more pieces)

more progress in Maya

Low poly door (122 tris)

Low poly door in UDK.

Diffuse map: Black spaces will have more geometry in there

Where I am at now

I have learned alot during this project especially baking textures (although I'm still getting unwanted errors). Maybe next time I'll use Xnormal as I here it produces cleaner bakes (my normal bakes are a bit weak and sometimes doesn't catch the detail at all) or maybe a combination of maya's transfer mapping and the xnormal plugin in photoshop. Anyways enough rambling...

My progress (a bit more in depth) is also on my tumblr...

Thanks for reading. I look forward to discussing my work with you :)
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