Face Unwrap.

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Croftyness polycounter lvl 6
This is my first face unwrap. Here's what I got so far.
It's kinda annoying how I got all that free space up top.
I'm yet to put eyes.
Hopefully sideburns, eyes and hair will cover most of the seems.
Should I have a neck seem or not?


  • Bal
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    Bal polycounter lvl 12
    Honestly most of the time, depending on your resolution, less seams is better.
    For a single character it's fine as you can take the time to clean anything up, but in production, where you have last minute changes that are always popping up, having as few seams as possible makes changing stuff so much faster and easier (especially if you have normal maps).
    I'd only leave one seam along the back of the head, and around the inside of the lips to have the inside of the mouth as a separate shell, then compress the UV's alot on the back/top of the head if you're gonna have some kind of hair mesh hiding it, to give more UV space for the face.
    If you plan on animating, don't forget to unwrap the eyelids closed, to avoid ugly stretching on closed eyes.
  • Mark Dygert
    I agree with Bal, less seams is preferable. One thing I like to do for ears, is to relax them separately, either by selecting just those verts (with soft select turned on) or detach them and relax them like you did. The only difference being that I weld them back on afterward and push the stretching into the surrounding head instead of into the ears.
  • Boyd_Lake
    Less seams the better, but I usually cut off the ears and usually the nose, since it's impossible for the UVs to be flattened there without introducing stretching elsewhere. If you plan to animate the character, you may wish to model the eyes closed and unwrap so there'a no stretching during blinks. I have never needed to have more than one seam down the center/back of the head. also, be careful about putting pieces of the mesh between the borders of split parts, especially if they will have a different color. Lower mip levels will sample this color into the other areas if this is intended for realtime rendering.
  • Croftyness
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    Croftyness polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks, taken what you said and made some changes. Most of the seems are behind the ear. Can hardly see any front on.
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