The Diner Unity 3D Scene

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kimmokaunela polycounter
This was my little project. It took about 1 month from start to finish when I worked with this on the weekends. I wanted to push the technology of Unity 3D and also my skills further on. I also wanted to see how close the final results go with the Remedy´s Alan Wake game engine and more spesific with the The Triple D's Oh Deer Diner scene.

I didn´t want to remake the scene of Alan Wake so I create all the props and models from real life reference and I use my own concepts some places. I wanted to keep the mood of an idyllic small town cafe/diner in present.

I also wanted to show people that you don´t need a huge teams to do something. All it takes is a passion of doing things by yourself, some good tools and a lot of patience.






Polygon count was 320k. Textures were also pretty high resolutions. Unity can handle those pretty well and gave me a solid 60fps with a very heavy graphics settings on 1920x1080. I had an opportunity to use Unity Pro so I could use post processing effects and bake shadows etc...

Unity is pretty sweet engine to work with and I´m going to do something similar like this in the future. It´s simple and you can do all kinds of things with it.

Softwares used: 3ds max 2011, Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D 3.5. All the content is made by me like modeling, uvw wrapping, texturing, animating, level design, lighting.

Hope you like this and comments are welcome!

Greetings from Finland,

-Kimmo Kaunela
Kimmo Kaunela - online portfolio


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