Image to gradient in Photoshop

People of the internet,

I find myself looking for a way to turn an image into a gradient, for the purposes of gradient mapping onto a texture. Is this possible at all, and if so: using standard photoshop tools, or is there a script that can help me?

The obvious problem I see is that several pixels with the same luminosity can have different hue/saturation values applied to them, but I'm hoping there would be the option of averaging the values or taking the one most encountered.

I know about 'apply image' by the way, and while that's nice, the idea is to get a reusable gradient that I can easily tweak.

Additionally, when working with gradients/gradient maps, is there a way to have a newly inserted point just fit into the gradient? Like if it's just a black to white gradient and I click at the halfway point, it will be 50% grey?


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