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[Dota2] - Sniper - Jungle Survivor

Hello everyone*-* I would like to say that I'm new here in polycount forum and decided to participate in the polycount contest. I'm studying 3D and had the idea of making a Sniper set. It's name will be Jungle Survivor, cause, here is the bottom line, if you got lost in the jungle, what would you do? Well, I've been working in this set for about 2 weeks but I didn't post anything cause I forgot to :( But I'm doing so now, so that there's no incovenience later, I already have the 3D models done and now I'm producing the textures of the objects. I'll post here what I had already done and during the week I'll upload the rest of the set :D

First item is a sniper rifle made out bamboo and liane. (WIP)




The second is a helmet made out coconut that will have a bande on it to make it more endurable and the glasses are made out bamboo with a bottles lower part "don't know if you got it" (WIP)





The third is a cape made out of swen chaff (complete)



just need to draw the textures and try to put into the dota for testing, I hope to finish in time. :)


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