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Education In The Games Industry: Yes or No?

Since this seems to be a very common topic that pops up quite often in General Discussion, we decided to keep all education related questions consolidated into one thread. Not only will this keep the boards from cluttering up with redundant topics, but it will allow users to find all the information they need in one place.

Below is a list of some past education related threads and some outside resources. If you know of any others that should be included, shoot us a PM and we'll be sure to add it in.

Thanks to Nerf Bat Ninja for compiling some of these in a recent thread, which is being shamelessly copied and pasted into this sticky.

Polycount Threads

The Art Institute is a huge scam. Please urge people to not go there.

Feng Zhu School worth the investment risk?

To College or Not to College

To Degree or not to Degree, that is the question!

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Another Education Thread

Importance of a Degree in the Gaming Industry

Game Art Education - What Do I Need?

Learning the Right Way - I Need Help

Degree VS Self Taught

Art Education - What Should I Do?

Am I Wasting My Time With a Games Art Degree

High School Senior Looking for Game College

Online Colleges Worth It?

Is post-secondary education necessary to get a job in the industry?

Yes, Another Thread on Schools

Education in the industry.

Degree and College Advice

Should I go for a traditional arts degree?

Game Art School. Need help choosing!

The Definitive College Answer

The Audacity of Game Education

The degree poll!

Profit Schools - Can we condone them publically?

Additional Resources

Penny Arcade: On Game Schools

Article: Formal Art Training

Conceptart.org: Art Schools and Education

Choosing A School

Postmortem: Getting the Degree

10 Myths About Game Degrees


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