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[Dota2] - Anti Mage - TBD

Hi there!

We are two guys who are quite new to designing game content. But we enjoy creativity in our spare time and we also enjoy Dota 2 a lot. So we decided to enter this contest and see how far we can get. Nannou is my partner and he is a really nice and talented hobby 3D artist from Norway. I'm from Germany working as a webdesigner and I've always liked art throughout my childhood until today.

A few weeks ago we found each other through streaming sites and since then we create Dota 2 items in cooperation.

For this contest we chose Anti Mage as our favourite hero, since there isn't a lot of stuff for him around and he really needs some badass equipment :)

At the moment we are still in the concept stage. Let us show you what we got so far:


The idea was to get in the gems as some kind of mana stones which drain the enemy mana and give AM the power to return more damage. The rest of the armor shouldn't load him too much so that he's still able to perform agile fights. It was also a goal to make him look slighty rogue-ish.

Let us know what you think of it! Constructive criticism and feedback is very welcome!

Best regards from Germany and Norway,
Filk & Nannou


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