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[Dota2] – Beastmaster – Red Talon

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Hey guys, I'm working with a buddy of mine (jameshall) on a new item set for the Beastmaster.

We'll keep updating as we go, but here are some early iterations of what we're thinking:

Update 12/3/12, final version!! WIP is below that.

Special thanks to LeoJr


update 10-21-12: This is the one we're going with for now, what do you guys think?


10/24/12 Update:


Update: 10/27/12 - Still messing with the skull on his belt..
James is making a new weapon so we'll have that done hopefully this week. Going to move onto the bracers soon.


Update 10/31/12: I did 2 versions of the fur and the centerpiece for the belt...Not sure which one I want to go with. I'm worried the fur on the back will be too noisy with the war-horn (once I make it).


update 11/4/12 - Here are the axes James made; I'm probably gonna go with 1, and add the feathers from 5. We were gonna do a weapon piece for the shoulder as well, but the geometry count is running high, so I'm using the rest on some bigger feathers around the mantle.


Update 11/6/12 - Moving on now since time is winding down. Working on the low poly models for the body.


Last sculpting update before baking.



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