[Dota2] - Windrunner - Nymph of the Forest

- My thread for the DOTA2 contest -

I choose Windrunner since I like the floral, art nouveau themes I can put into it.
Thats my base as well for the designs: floral, leafy designs, but mixed with animals of the forest, such as a hawk, a bear, a wolf or even a dragon.
I'm trying to keep it light armour, since she has to be swift (bcz thats what shes known for). Heavy armour will only slow her down.

As I'm still trying to nail it down to one idea, I thought of starting with bl-wh sketches, then going for colour schemes, and then nailing down the details. After this I'll do the mock-up in Zbrush and go for low-poly modelling from there.

Final entry:


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