[Dota2] - Windrunner - Nymph of the Forest

- My thread for the DOTA2 contest -

I choose Windrunner since I like the floral, art nouveau themes I can put into it.
Thats my base as well for the designs: floral, leafy designs, but mixed with animals of the forest, such as a hawk, a bear, a wolf or even a dragon.
I'm trying to keep it light armour, since she has to be swift (bcz thats what shes known for). Heavy armour will only slow her down.

As I'm still trying to nail it down to one idea, I thought of starting with bl-wh sketches, then going for colour schemes, and then nailing down the details. After this I'll do the mock-up in Zbrush and go for low-poly modelling from there.

Final entry:


  • nele-s
    First designs for the shoulderpiece.
    Only done one side so far :P the other side will be less elaborate, since this is the arm where she holds the bow. (image is flipped btw)

  • tfmcmahon
    I like 3 and 5. I think the hard edged, yet organic armor adds something a little different to Windrunner.
  • nele-s
    i like 3 as well, its the closest that ive got so far to 'less is more' :P
  • Qwiggalo
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    Qwiggalo polycounter lvl 8
    3 and 5 don't fit her at all though.
  • yohanio
    I like number 5, though I think you may need to make it less "mail" and more "cloth" or "leathery" to fit her better.
  • Skedesovs
    I like nr. 1,3 and 5. With the fifth you could make a plated set for WR.
    Nr. 3 could be a undergrowth theme with shrooms etc.
    All in all this looks pretty awesome :)
  • nele-s
    Thanks for the replies so far everyone :D
    I made 3 more, will start refining and doing cloak/weapon tomorrow
    Couldnt do much today unfortunately :/

  • nele-s
    Finally made a drawing of a complete itemset.
    I choose one of the shoulders that I did before, and made her a cape and headgear. That adds up to the count of 3 for the itemset.
    I wanted to keep the design elegant, using forest items such as leaves and treepods. I feel like they fit the design of the shoulder that I did before too...
    I didnt want to go for a 'simple' cloak with just a crest/print on it, I really wanted it to be part of the set. Hence my choice of drawing sth like this. I also drew it that it still keeps her figure/silhouette, nothing in the design is allowed to break the original silhouette. I really want my design to compliment the original character.
    I know the drawing is still a bit unclear, but I will keep working on this, maybe even do a test sculpt in Zbrush to see how it'd fit in 3D. I'm not certain yet about the pattern on the cloak either...

  • nele-s
    I’ve been working on a Zbrush sculpt, to see how it would look in 3D.
    With this sculpt I tried to get the general form and silhouette down, as well as try out the elements I had in my drawing.
    I’m not going for anything too ‘majestic’. Like I mentioned before, Windrunner is a swift character, so her armour should be light and keep to her original silhouette.

  • nele-s
    Newest update:
    I'm a bit further now on the texturing than in this scrshot, but not entirely satisfied yet
    The normal maps are looking great though in Maya, as you can see.
    I hope I can finish it in time!
  • nele-s
    Worked on the colour, but not satisfied yet :/
  • nele-s
    Updated a LOT of the texturing, finalizing this now. Feel free to comment!

  • Gareth_Thomas
    Very elegant set. Great work. If you can you must really do a bow too. It would be great to see the full set in this style.
  • nele-s
    wow its great to get some feedback from someone, finally :)
    I'm a bit busy with a freelance job this & next week, so not sure how much time I will be able to make free for a bow... but I know I should! I will definitely make one, if not on time for the deadline, then definitely after that.
  • Gareth_Thomas
    Ya I know what you mean. Input has been steadily dropping as more people finish up and no longer check the threads. Also those that are still around are all trying to get their own submissions done I suppose.

    If can I can offer one crit. Check you design from more of an in game POV. I'd just be a little worried that the hood would be covering the face and alot of the work you've done in the neck area. And the hood it self doesn't seem to have much in the way of a design elements on the top and the top down view is where it's going to be viewed for most of the time.
  • nele-s
    wow long sentence, but I get what you mean :)
    you're right on that, didnt think about it until you mentioned it
    I'm finishing up my LoDs and then going to test it, see what other bits I can spot
    do you perhaps know how to test a set w/o actually submitting? I tried googling it but couldnt find anything concrete
  • Gareth_Thomas
    Go to the "Customize" button on the top - then the "Workshop" tab - "Wearable Items" - Then pick your hero and add the required files. Hit import, if all goes well then the item should display on your character. After that just press cancel when you are done.
    This show the whole process:
    [ame=" Maya to Dota 2 - YouTube[/ame]
  • nele-s
    oh so that IS it? i thought there was some other way, since people seemed to have more scrshots than the poses and the topview thing
    Nevermind then :P thanks!
  • nele-s
    Ok this is my final entry, finally uploaded to the Steam workshop:
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