Monthly Noob Environment Challenge 1

First off just want to say sorry for spamming the P&P with our challenge threads, we are just figuring things out.

So this is the start of a monthly challenge where everyone works on an environment concept we give you, you have until the following month on November 7th to finish as much as you can, if not all.

The goal is to do your best, post your progress and for everyone to give feedback, weather you are a "pro" or a noob feel free to give input. And post any questions or issues you come across. Share your ways of doing things if you so feel like it.

This month we are doing an outdoor concept, it it slightly complex but it has so many things to try and practice that you will hopefully learn a lot. This is the concept:GPf9c.jpg

This may seem like it's pretty complicated, and if you are starting out it can be overwhelming, so take it piece by peice.

Break it down into how you want to handle, this will vary depending on what engine you will use. I personally will be using Cryengine, and if anyone needs help with anything relating to it I would be happy to make you a tutorial when I have time.

All that matters is that you learn and give and get advice and are willing to be critiqued, I am thinking that at the end of the month a small prize may be handed out to the winner, nothing significant , maybe a game or something. If you guys like that idea I'm for it.

So here are the rules:

Must make your own textures, no stealing, we can't keep you from it, but the goal is to learn, even tileables, I mean you can take someone else's image and make it tileable, that's fine.

You must use a game engine OBVIOUSLY. UDK or Cryengine will probably be the most used.

You must try your best and finish as much as you can in this month.

Post what you are working on in this thread so that way it's a more centralized place for advice and critique and we don't have 1000 disjointed parts all over.

Well that's about it, if you think the rules should be changed let me know.

I would strongly encourage you to go and look at other games and see how they make their assets as well as get concept art to give it your own feel, but it must stay somewhat similar to the concept, if not very close.

Have fun!


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