Do you really need features like Dynamesh in ZB?

Who here still uses an extremely old version of Zbrush, or something like Zbrush 4 where it doesnt have some of the really useful features such as dynamesh?

I know everyone loves 3ds max 2009 over the newer versions when it comes to other 3d modeling software, but I am specifically talking about zrbush.

Is it really going to hold me back if I don't use the newest tools?


  • Ace-Angel
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    Ace-Angel polycounter lvl 6
    No, but also, it wouldn't hurt to no have them, considering it's free...
  • WarrenM
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    WarrenM Polycount Sponsor
    Seriously. Upgrade. Why wouldn't you?
  • cryrid
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    cryrid polycounter lvl 8
    You don't have to use any tools you don't want to. But if there are tools out there that make life easier, make doing your job quicker, and you have access to them at no extra cost, it seems odd not to employ them. It's not like you have to use dynamesh on every sculpt, or try to find ways to use it beyond what it's meant for. But if you're spending longer than you need to on a model because you're using older tools and outdated workflows, you might need to ask yourself why you're not expanding your toolset.
  • Bal
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    Bal polycounter lvl 12
    Dynamesh is a great powerful tool, why wouldn't you at least try it? Especially considering Zbrush updates have always been free up to now.
  • shirogatsu
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    shirogatsu polycounter lvl 5
    Hell yeah. Dynamesh is the most progressive thing in sculpting IMO. It's makes process of mesh creation so damn fluid and allow you to sculpt in any way you want
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