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Hi guys,

I'm new here. Been drawing for a while IRL, but a month ago or something i decided it's time toe quit derping around, to learn how to draw for real instead! You only got one life, so better take care of it, right?

I'm very much looking for critique, so feel very welcome to post any if you got it. I won't get any better if I don't get smashed to the ground every now and then, right?

When I'm not drawing I'm working in the video games industry with other stuff not related to drawing.

Thanks all, wish me luck, and once again, share any critique or tutorials you think I would find useful <3



  • Plexico
    Hi guys,

    To give you and idea of where I stand (and to keep track of my own progress) I'm gonna share some stuff with you from -09,-10,-11 and -12:)




  • Plexico
  • Plexico
    That's the old stuff! And now for something more recent. For a month now I've been drawing strictly non digitally to improve my drawing skills. To not bore you out, here's a snapshot of the material from the last 30 days, starting with the oldest stuff:

    26th/8 I start studying human anatomy. Time to get the party started!

    30th/8 OK, so I really need to practice the human body :X

    1st/9 Using Posemaniac and drawing humans like crazy, trying to learn the basics.

    3rd/9 6O poses later...

    3rd/9 Drawing a crock with ref. Animals are easy, humans hard, to get right!

    4th/9 Practice hands...wow, this is hard <.<

    18th/9 Practicing more hands and some horses from ref.

    23rd/9 Drawing a stuffed bird I found at home :)

    25th/9 After plenty of human bodies I'm drawing some birds to relax!

    27th/9 First self-portrait ever! Joined a group on FB, and now I'm supposed to draw one portrait a day. Yay!

    More human poses (without ref this time), feels like I'm improving after drawing a bunch of greyhounds :O

    So that's it for the old stuff. Now I'm concentrating on posting new material, and as I said critique is very welcome! Thanks!
  • Plexico
    I'm starting to feel a little bit exhausted. For one month I've been drawing for about 2-8h/day. I'm starting a new job in one month, so I'm trying to make good use of the time in between my jobs, to just sit around and draw.

    Today I practiced even more anatomy. I'm not going to upload everything I create each day, because that would bore everyone out. Enjoy!



    29th/9 More humans from imagination, mixed with some real life studies and refs. I really felt like I learned a lot from this: http://www.angelfire.com/art3/kchendemos/
  • Plexico
    Today I went outside to draw stuff from real life. Argh...perspective is so extremely hard to do! Also, need to find a cure for my wrist, it's hurting after all this drawing.

    A bunch of crap from today. I guess today was just not a very good day lol. 30th/9

    The daily self-portrait for the FB group. 30th/9
  • Plexico
    Today I finally went back to digital painting! So from now on it's both digital and analog stuff coming this way!

    I find color blending very difficult, and dread for painting skin o_o
    Seems like many artist are recommending Linda B's tutorials for painting skin, but all her stuff is down or gone from the web?

    Colorstuff 1st/10

    Some digital anatomy sketches.

    A dragon, 1 hour.
  • Plexico
    Had a hard time finding inspiration today. Ended up doing some really bad sketches, that turned into a concept for a hat made out of a puma xD

    Here's two versions, one with normal colors and another one where I just played around with curves. Took 1 hour to draw.

    Really need to go back to drawing normal human faces and anatomy, since it's still my weakest point.


  • Plexico
    Real life is interfering with drawing, I'm moving to Stockholm from Malmö, so I needed to go up there to find a place to live etc. Didn't really have that much time to draw past weekend.

    Nude studies on the 4th of October. I also started reading Loomis's figure drawing book, and so far it's been full of revelations!

    Thanks for watching!
  • Plexico
    Hi guys,

    As always, critics are welcome! Past week I've been moving to a new city starting a new job, so haven't got that much time and energy to draw. Really need to get back to doing a daily self-portrait. Anyway, here's some of the drawings since the last post! Enjoy and feel free to post tutorials, feedback etc!

    11th/Oct Trying to draw on the train, on my way from Malmö to Stockholm.

    12/Oct Some robots and stuff.

    12th/Oct Drawing my sis in from of the TV.
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