Art Test?

I know it might sound like I'm jumping to conclusions but I would love to hear the option of other polycount folks.

A few months ago I took an art test for a local studio where the goal was to create a concept for a new weapon. The weapon had to fire two disks within a sec or two of each other. I needed to design how the gun would look, how the disks would sit in the gun and how it would be reloaded. After creating a few design I settled on what you see below.


This design did not get me the job, which is fine. I understand there are many talented artist looking for work too. But a few weeks later the studio released the video you see below.

[ame=" Ascend Update #7 - Twinfusor - YouTube[/ame]

I understand that they may not have used my ideas for this new weapon and that there are only so many ways to skin a cat. But when I showed this to my coworkers and friends they thought my design had been used (or at least some aspects of the deign) and were more upset than I was.

So what do you guys think?


  • MichaelElphick
    That looks very familiar in the way the gun functions to your designs, and it looks as though they have changed a few things to make it look different.

    Or it could be they had the idea already of how it would work and your thought process was the same.

    It's a tough call really, was there anything in the art test terms & conditions that they would be able to use your submission?
  • Jason Young
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    Jason Young polycounter lvl 9
    It's a logical design given those parameters, so I could see multiple people coming up with something similar. Still a bit fishy, and yours looks better anyway.
  • shotgun
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    shotgun polycounter lvl 12
    The gun has some parts different, but the mechanism (which is the essential part) is the same. Whether they've ripped u off or had come up with it themselves is a different question, and one u'r probably not gonna be able to answer.

    In either case, they're likely to be legally covered. Their reputation is not, however
  • nick2730
    yea i would say that is pretty close. Like shotgun said, nothing u can do about it but it does place quiet a stain on ones rep
  • ae.
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    ae. polycounter lvl 9
    looking at your art test and the gun in the game the only thing that is similar really is the reloading animation, but planetside 2 also has the same animation for the vanu guns.

    I can understand they might of liked the animation/design of the gun but the art itself does not really fit with what they have.

    I can see why you didnt get the job, but it would be lame if they took your animation designs.

    there are a few Hi-Rez guys on the boards so hopefully they can give you a more solid answer but dont count on it.
  • Sean McBride
    Hey Tim!

    I'm sorry that you feel we copied your design. There were, as you said yourself, many talented artists looking for work. We had many designs/art tests submitted and these also showed similarities to your design.

    I want to assure you that the artist that created the model had no interaction with your, or any other, art test submitted. Any design similarities are creations of the design parameters as the test had each applicant use an existing tribes weapon as inspiration and general guidelines.

    I hope this clears things up. If you have any additional questions about your test you are welcome to shoot me an email.
  • timspanjer
    Thanks for the insight guys.

    @JMYoung - I agree it is "a logical design given those parameters". That was my first thought too.

    @Sean McBride - It's all good, I figured other artist must have had a similar design too. I just found the comparison interesting. Thanks for clearing it up.
  • Ace-Angel
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    Ace-Angel polycounter lvl 6
    As AE said, alot of these designs feel similar to the Planetside heritage, as well a few AD2000, Judge Dread and Heavy Metal comics, which I personally remember seeing not too long in one of my re-reads.

    My sympathies for not getting the job, but yep, it's kinda one of those 'back of my head' styles which everyone will do because you either came across it in your media, or it's the easiest conclusion for an art-test.

    BTW, your rifle looks better if that makes you feel better :P

    Once thing I will say, is...this is the first time I hear of an art-test that requires the 'input' of an artist freely, which strikes me as pretty odd, since chances of Threads like these as well Reputation stress will increase 10 fold (unless you're looking for a person to put in charge as lead for role of designs, but even then, there are easier ways to manage said test).
  • Joseph Silverman
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    Joseph Silverman polycounter lvl 11
    Ace-Angel wrote: »
    Once thing I will say, is...this is the first time I hear of an art-test that requires the 'input' of an artist freely

    Have you ever heard of concept art before?
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