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Hello fellow Polycounters,


We would like to share with you the Newfoundland project. The development is an extra curricular activity at the University of Hertfordshire with a little outside help from our alumni but anyone or academic institution is welcome to chip in. The project is off to a good start and now it’s at a stage where we can start growing the game.

The project will be totally open source and what I mean by that is all the models, levels and code will be linked to a central website so anyone can download MOD and improve the game, then you can post up or link the work back on this thread for review, probably Via JumboFiles or something similar.

We are looking for volunteers that would like to join the project to help create the Steampunk world as lots needs to be created from Concept Art, Characters, Boss Characters, Environment, Vehicles, Assets, GUI, Game Play, Design, AI and so on, we are totally open to ideas. The game is aiming to hawk back to games I used to make at Rare in the 1990s with short levels followed by big ass end of level Bosses. It will be all encapsulated in a Steam Punk genre and it will be FPS Action/Adventure. Its running in UDK at the moment but we may switch to Unity or Crysis once the programming team have ironed out which direction they wish to go.

In the meantime, here are some images so far to give a taste of the world, its all place holder at the moment. The project is just a bit of fun modification for the Polycount community to tinker and play around with. The first goal is simply to create level 1 around 20 minutes of game play with an end of level Boss.

I wanted to start the project on Polycount before starting all the social networking paraphernalia. Once the project has gained some meat we will create a website.

I hope you can help and become part of the team, please load up any thing you have created no mater how bad, it will sit on our version of a cheap alienbrain type configuration management system and be checked in and out until its at a stage we are happy with, all via our website once it is up and running.

We would be more then happy to hear your ideas, thoughts and links.

Best Wishes from the UH




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