Fantasy warrior character (unfinished maximo character )

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Tits mod
Hey there guys!
I'm finally back after that whole crazy wave of unlucky event that happened to me during the Mixamo contest.
I decided to finally continue my character and it was kinda easier to start a new thread than asking to move the other one.
(old thread link )
So for the lazy one here is the concept I was using by my friend Daniel levesque kfeGk.jpg
Here is my final zbrush sculpt
Finally here is my normal map bake, still have some work to do on it :)
Comments and critics are more then welcome!!


  • BenHenry
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    BenHenry polycounter lvl 7
  • Macattackk
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    Macattackk polycounter lvl 7
    very nice. Id say you could make the ends of her lips tip up a bit more as if she has a sly smile like in the concept. I think it will give it more character. Also Id say you could drape her hair over her face more interestingly/more asymmetrically. Not too much, just so that it doesnt look exactly the same on both sides. It looses her rugged character when its perfect like that.
  • Tits
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    Tits mod
    Thanks a lot for the comments guys!
    I usually keep her mouth pretty straight but then I could change that in the rigging/posing phase for sure.
    The hair is pretty ''placeholder'' for now. Once I will have my texture and alpha I will rework on them a lot, hard to do a great job without the alpha!
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir polycounter
    get her finished. or bad things will happen to you! seriously, the concept is rad, this one would be a real shame to let go!
  • AlexKola
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    AlexKola polycounter lvl 7
    I'm really liking where you're going with the face which is usually the trickiest part.

    The corset you've made looks kind of loose tho. It makes the torso feel kind of floaty. I'd tighten that up a bit. In fact I think all of the straps should feel more compressed to the body.

    The bag you've modeled is also a lot less interesting than the one in the concept. I guess I would put the time into making everything feel more worn in at this stage.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Tits
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    Tits mod
    Hey there guys,
    thanks a lot for all the comment once again
    @almighty I sure will finish her :) i dont want bad things to happen to me !!
    @alexkola, i'm happy you say you like the face since a lot of people actually told me they very dislike it and that I need to work some more on them.
    I will try to make the bags feel more worn out in the low rez version, thansk for the crits.
    Anyway i'm just posting some VERY WIP image for now,
    here is a little skin test i did In xoliul shader ENT4I.jpg
    And here a little screenshot of where i am right now in the texture.
    You guys can shoot some crits like crazy i will make sure to read all of them.
    Unfortunatly I wont be updating this thread for a good 2 weeks since after 2 years of hardwork I am FINALLY, taking some time off. So I will be enjoying myself in china :).
    Still as I said I will still read your comment while im there and I can't wait to get some awesome critics so I can work on it when i get back.
    See ya soon!
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