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(if you look closely, you'll note that I painted greentooth into that flowmap)

Updated 4 October:
v0.9.2 for Windows
v0.9.2 for OSX


I've added the ability to actually load flowmaps, so you can either pick up where you left off in your last session, or load up a simmed flowmap to tweak, for example. Tiling/wrapping option, too. A few more additions and fixes in the 0.9.2 update (October 4).

So I've been working on a vertex painter for Unity for a while now, and at some point decided to add flowmap painting functionality to it. Then I realised that this would be pretty useful outside of just Unity, so I ported most of the code to work at runtime, and put together a rudimentary standalone build. I'm gonna keep updating/maintaining it, adding functionality as necessary, as well as fixing stuff that might be broken. Also, I'd like to make it such that the UI isn't as fuck-ugly as it is currently :p

A video of it as of last Friday:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJBn8ykpMwQ"]Working, rudimentary, standalone flow map painter built in Unity - YouTube[/ame]

I've since added [ugly] functionality to load your own tiling texture for preview, and also to load an overlay image (eg. an overhead shot of your terrain so you know how you want your flow to look like).

As a sidenote, this could probably be used to create maps for anisotropic specular, for example.

Have at it, and feel free to abuse the shit out of the feedback button to spam me with bug reports and suggestions! :)


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