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Hey everyone, the studio gave me the honor of officially posting this job on the forums, however I am neither HR nor a lead so please do not send me your applications / resumes directly.

I would be more than happy to forward any specific questions about this position to my leads and get back to you in this thread.

Please visit our website to apply for this position:

Senior Level/Mission Designer

You are a designer of missions. Like a master chef, you take the game's raw ingredients and combine them to please the most discerning palette. Like a UPS driver in a warzone, you skirt the minefield and break through enemy lines to deliver the story. Like an overwrought metaphor, you make a strong connection between what already is and what could be, drawing players into the game world.

But Sucker Punch is looking for more than that; we need someone that can also thread a series of missions together into an engaging tale. Someone who can follow the flow of the characters and the player, guiding them through both the environments and the dramatic arc.


· The ability to design, script and balance high-quality missions
· 3-6 years as a mission designer on top-notch action titles
· A proven capacity to learn new technology, scripting languages, engines and systems, especially industry-standard content creation tools
· A feel for flow and pacing across multiple consecutive encounters and missions
· Outstanding communication skills and the ability to lead and direct a small team of mission designers
· Applicants must be able to work in the USA and willing to relocate to Seattle, WA
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