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Hey everyone, the studio gave me the honor of officially posting this job on the forums, however I am neither HR nor a lead so please do not send me your applications / resumes directly.

I would be more than happy to forward any specific questions about this position to my leads and get back to you in this thread.

Please visit our website to apply for this position:

Technical Effects Artist

When you see a real explosion do you critique it's composition and think about how to re-create it in a real-time engine? Do you spend your days thinking about how to describe fire with shaders and physics? Do you love taking a raw idea and blazing a trail for artists by prototyping visuals?

If so, Sucker Punch is the place for you! Our team is small but the opportunity to create unique effects is huge. We are looking for a technically minded visual effects artist to help us push forward what is possible within realtime VFX. Applicants should be able to work collaboratively on our VFX team and with outside departments such as art, design and engineering.

Responsibilities will include a broad range of tasks such as creating particle simulations, dynamic objects and prototyping shaders. Breadth of experience, problem solving skills and personal initiative are key qualities for this position.


- Deep understanding of timing, scale, color, composition, motion and physics for particle effects.
- Strong grasp of vector math and pixel shaders.
- Technical artist or comparable experience.
- Texture creation expertise, either 2D painting/photosource or 3D renders.
- Experience working between art, design and engineering departments.
- Basic modeling and UVmap understanding.
- Ability to give useful critiques of VFX as well as receive feedback and art direction.
- Strong communication skills.
- Applicants must be able to work in the USA and willing to relocate to Seattle, WA.


- One or more next-gen AAA shipped titles.
- Pre-rendered visual FX creation.
- Extensive real-time effects creation experience.
- UDK or HLSL shader writing experience.
- Lighting experience.
- Maya expertise.
- Houdini knowledge.
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