Custom Character Development (Modular Pawn)

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Hey guys,

So this feels like a pretty newbie question, but oddly enough I can't find any solid examples of what I'm thinking.

So I'm trying to create a customizable character to go into the UDK. I've got the model all finished and textured and separated into the parts I want to be interchangeable in Maya-- that's the easy bit. In the research I've done, it looks like my best bet to create a UDK Pawn whose arms, legs, head, etc. can be swapped out in-game is to create a Modular Pawn. Also looks easy enough, according to UDN.

But my problem is, I can't find any info on how exactly to skin and export the modular pieces. I understand that each piece should be skinned to the same Skeletal Mesh, but this is my question: does that mean that I can skin everything to one rig, export the FBX, and UDK's ModularPawn.uc code will automagically separate the pieces based on their exported names? Or do I have to skin each piece separately (ie, skin the torso, export the FBX; unbind the rig, skin the legs, export THAT FBX; unbind the rig, skin the head, export the FBX, ad nauseum) then import the individual pieces into a single collection for the Modular Pawn setup?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


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    I don't know-- maybe I'm over-thinking it. I'm going to try just rigging everything up at once and exporting, see how that goes. It's kind of frustrating that the UDN (or anyone else, at least anyone that I could find) doesn't really have any documentation on the Modular Pawn process before scripting it together in the UDK itself. A simple "export each part separately from your 3D software" (or vice versa) would have been enough.

    And with that, I am going to document my process here, that others can see a step-by-step method for getting a character into UDK 3 with interchangeable parts.

    Wish me luck!
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