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Hello all,

This is my first submittal on Polycount, my first gun project, and my first Sub D project.

I guess you can call me a PC Virgin. I love this forum, and the amazing artists in this community. I have wanted to work on my own things for quite some time, and get them up here for critique.

For about a year I honed my skills to get a job in the game industry. In March of last year my dream came true, and I got a job with Red Storm Entertainment - Ubisoft. We have all been crunching on Ghost Recon : Future Soldier (and DLC's) from the moment I started, so I haven't gotten a chance to work on personal projects. I learned so much in the past year and a half through baptism by fire. A great way to learn in my opinion...sink or swim.

The good news...I swam

Well now I have some time coming up, and need to learn so many skills. It's time to evolve.

Attached is some screen shots of the high poly and wire frames of the low poly.

I really need help on termination of loops, how to get proper flows in the high poly, and better ways to integrate details into the mesh. Plus I'm sure a few things I didn't even know I needed to work on.

Thanks for all the critique and help in advance.

PS: Once I figure out how to attach my FBX, then I'll do that next.


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    digitaldavinci polycounter lvl 10
    Hello to all...

    Not sure if anyone really looks at this thread anymore, but I'm going to keep posting. If anything it will give me a step by step visual for me to self critique at the end.

    I completed the butt of the gun, both sides of the guns' stock (one of which is not shown due to only being able to upload 4 images at a time), the cheek guard, the shoulder strap rings, refined the shape and cleaned up the mesh, added the trigger holes, and working on the magazine area now. Almost done but I need to redo the bottom of the magazine where the metal folds over the main magazine housing.

    Tomorrow I will work on the forward underside part of the gun (opposite of the barrel) and the end where the bi-pod will attach to. After that onto the bolt and barrel area.

    Good night all and Thanks,


    PS: If anyone can help me get a obj/fbx up I would love someone to look at the mesh and give me any crit or pointers. Thanks
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    digitaldavinci polycounter lvl 10
    Figured it isn't going to hurt to post the sides of the gun a bit closer in a new post.


    Edit: I noticed looking at my model here at home the shoulder strap rings opened up as garbled mesh. Not sure why, but they were fine at work where I was working on this model tonight. Please ignore if critiquing work. Thanks
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    Hey man, you might get more replies if you post your progress to the Pimping & Previews subforum :)
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