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Hello fellow Polycounters!

I have been sitting on this plugin for a while and I finally got a break to clean it up for you guys. It didn't really fit in with my other plugin so I made it into it's own. Huge thanks to Marcus on the ZBC forums for getting me unstuck a few times.

This plugin is basically a very basic array with some other canvas tools to help with making tiling sculpts. It takes a single Subtool and will duplicate then transform along the X,Y based on sliders.
Main Plugin
- L: Constrains the values of the two neighboring sliders so they move together.
- Rows/Columns: These determine how many duplicates are made.
- X/Y Distance: These determine how far each mesh is offset from each other.
- Clone: If enabled, when "Tile" is clicked the script will be performed on a cloned version. This is recommended because finding the right distance to offset can be somewhat "guess-and-check."
- Random 90 Rotation: This button will randomly choose visible subtools and rotate them either 90 or 180 degrees on the X axis.
- 90: Disable to only rotate 180 when "Random 90 Rotation" is pressed.
- 180: Disable to only rotate 90 when "Random 90 Rotation" is pressed.
- Tile Preset 1-3: CTRL-Click to save settings. Regular click to restore saved settings.

Canvas Tools
- 128-2048: These buttons resizes the canvas to the respective size.
- StartUp Size: Restores document to size when Zbrush launched.
- Tile Preview Size: This slider determines what size the mesh will be previewed at when "Tile Preview" is pressed.
- Tile Preview: When pressed the mesh will be tiled on the canvas so you can see how the mesh repeats.
Here is a short video showing off how it works.
[ame=""]Tile Helper Zbrush Script Preview - YouTube[/ame]

And some examples I made very quickly with it.



It's still somewhat experimental and beta. Zscript is very very limiting. I am not really an enviro artist so I would love any suggestions on how to make it better for you guys.


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