Someone passing off my work as theirs (maybe yours too?)

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Bek greentooth
Hey everyone! Strangely enough when trying to find an old thread on some crossbow forum, I came across a website where someone was claiming my work was their WIP.

here is the polycount thread for the project:

And here is the fake:

if you visit the forum itself, he has LOTS of threads with various WIPs, and from clicking around I'm certain I've seen most of these here on polycount before. Here's a link:

Now what's weird is.. why bother? I mean, the forum he's posted on is pretty much a graveyard. Is this just some guy trolling polycount? Should people be watermarking their stuff? Personally I don't really care that he's tried to 'steal' my stuff, I just thought it was damn strange. (If this is known about, ignore :P)


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