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This is prob the longest time i ever worked on a model, i started it 3 years ago coming back from revenge of the fallen, really hope to see the dinobots but they weren't there O_O anyway i thought ill go for it, didnt expect to get it that massivly detailed but it fun and theres always room for more

i worked on it beteen jobs and this is what i got, its still isnt finished but close, now i need to think what it should transform into, im thinking about some threaded vehicle, this wont get a low poly but i do like to texture it, im just not sure my pc will handle a textures render
this model currently has 100mil poly, it took 3 upgrades of my pc during those 3 years so i can keep rendering it

ill post close up later on

render is huge so u can see the details better



hope ya like

crits suggestions always welcome


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