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Star Dice - Galactic Conquest

Hey guy's , we are proud to pronounce our WIP project

We want to " promote " it here so people will get interested in it.
We think that we are making something special here , that hasn't been done before and maybe you will think the same.
If you have any questions regarding the project or you just want to know about us feel free to send a PM.

That all being said ,Lets get to the project...

we are building an RTS for iPhone and android , called Star Dice , been working on this project for several months now and it's close to finish.
Star Dice is a " 3D , fast playing , Real Time , Strategy , game " which demands your strategic decisions and skills to master it.
The game will take you on a journey through the Galaxy , where two forces collide in a campaign for the survival of the human race.
In this incredible SCI-FI world you take role as an elite solar-commander. One who is well known and honored by all of humanity.
It is your duty to insure the survival and new settlement of humanity.

You can expect a highly optimized and customizable control system , so don't worry about bad controls on mobile devices.
We decided to keep the basic controls very simple and similar to the standard RTS game , but due to the revolution in
touch-screen systems , we have added new advanced ways of control.

Here are some features of Star Dice.

  • Campaign : Star Dice consists of a full storyline with over 15 mission.
  • Skirmish : Skirmish is just as important as campaign. Skirmish allows you to select a level and customize the gameplay. Complete with team-death match and free-for-all mode.
  • Online Gameplay : Playing online with friends will be possible up to 4 players. Just like in skirmish everything is customizable. Besides that we've also added a rank system that will enable you to show off your true skills.
  • Wargear : We've build in an achievement system and Easter egg system to unlock skins , these skins can then be used on units. Skins will also be applied in online matches.
  • Environment: All environments are equipped with sci-fi assets complete with 3 sub-environments : dessert , lava , ice. Each level has a nice sci-fi feeling to it , spiced up with extra's and secrets.
  • Smart AI : The AI is trained on an evolution-based system , giving you a clever AI that will keep surprising you. The AI has 4 difficulties : rookie , educated , honored , legendary.
  • Overall Gameplay : Overall it is a fast playing RTS game , with almost constant battle. you will have to capture control points , build barracks , build ore station , build defenses , build units , upgrade your gear and more.
  • Options : We've implemented an options screen , in here you will find graphic settings , audio settings and gameplay settings. Some controls are customizable , depending on which device you use and which flow you prefer.

But some things are still missing...
To realize this game in its full potential we need to get funded.
if you are interested in this game and want to be part of it , go check it out on http://www.indiegogo.com/StarDice

That being said lets get to the visuals...

[ame=" Dice " Pre-Alpha " Trailer - YouTube[/ame]


We will keep updating this topic and hope to get a lot of feedback form u guy's.
We won't be uploading a build at this moment but will provide a lot of screenshots and video's .

Cheers ,
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