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How to fix the normal map seam?

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so here is the problem:

I modeled my hp arm in zbrush, goZbrush exported it to 3ds max where i fixed the lp and created the uvw map. i send it back to Zbrush and baked the normal map. it baked out fine, but i have an issue with the seams, they are greatly visible and need to be fixed, can anyone help me here?

the problem is visible in 3ds max using xoliulshader2 and in cryengine 3 (although not as intense).

here are 2 images to explain the issue further:



i tried fixing this issue with adding another loop that doesnt effect the tangency, but that didnt work and painting it with the normal blue (128,128,255) makes it less visible, but leaves a grey line.

so i really need help here.

ps: if this is in the wrong sub forum, im sorry


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