Introducing Dinosaur Games

So after 11 years of making games professionally I decided to take the plunge and make the type of games I want to make.

So today I announce Dinosaur.

We also announce our first game, MechKnight Chronicles.


Here is our concept trailer:
[ame=" Chronicles Concept Trailer. Dinosaur Games - YouTube[/ame]

The above video is a result of 2 months work mainly by my friend Travis and I. We both own the studio. It was all animated in Maya and rendered out of Terminal Reality's Infernal Engine. Going forward we will be using Unity. We will be looking for a programmer with Unity experience sometime around September to help us build out our playable demo. It will be a minimum 6 month contract.
We will also be utilizing contract work, so if you have skills be sure to shoot me an email at: jobs at

The art style is meant to emulate my 2d art style. Lots of basic shapes, implied detail, gradients, colored outlines, etc.

The game is mainly a side-scrolling beat em'up in homage to games like Guardian Heroes, Knights of the Round, the Capcom DnD games, etc. 4 player co-op and 4 player VS is what we have planned out so far.
We're shooting to have 9 playable characters from the start with a total of 20 after you unlock everyone. Each one with unique stats and feel. Players will be able to upgrade their character's stats as they level them up by distributing points after each level.
The story will progress in a 'choose your adventure' style of storytelling.
We're also planning on having a VS mode similar to Guardian Heroes where you can play as any character in the game, be it an NPC, player character, enemy, animal, farmer, etc. Any of them.

We're shooting for a digital distribution platform. We begin looking for a publishing partner next week, so we'll see where we end up, but we're shooting for XBLA, PSN, or Steam.
We're hoping for a later 2013 / early 2014 release.

We also plan on being very transparent with our development process, so be sure to follow us and see how this game is made. We're going to do daily Google hangouts for those interested in dropping by and asking questions, making art with us, or just to have casual conversations.

I'll also be maintaining a thread here to showcase it's development. I want to keep the PC community involved with this all.

Follow us online! (page is broken in IE. I didn't have time to code it for IE)
We got the facebook pages, DA account, G+, Twitter, etc, so follow us for updates on jobs and a bunch of other good stuff!
Twitter: @dinosaurdev



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