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Motivation, Right thread?

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wirrexx interpolator
Hey Guys, before going in to deep on what this thread is about let me just brief you about who i am.

I'm a 25 year old guy with a great passion for games.
Since the first time i laid my hands on a nes i've been totally inlove with gaming and i've always wanted to be a environment artist.

Being borned into a family with fine Students (Dr. Engineers etc etc). I had a father who forced me to do programming, which i didnt like.

So a couple of years ago (was 22) i decided to work my ass off to take a course in Game Art Design. And i ended up in Escape Studios, which i found awsome. However due to Personal problems i never had the time to finish the course and left without finishing.

So thats the story. NOOOW TO MY MAIN PROBLEM.
I cant seem to finish stuff off when i begin. As soon as i hit a Problem, i try and try..and try.. AND try.. But after a while i just give up and start a new project.

How do you guys get around to finishing stuff off? What is your motivation for working with doing stuff untill the end? What happens when you hit a bump?

Many will probebly diss this thread. But i need motivations, More then ever. Cause i want to finish off my stuff. I want to build a Portfolio!! =)


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