Shotgun model and texture practice

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Well, I decided to make a thread for this because i'll like more critique and comments on my current progress in texturing.

I made this shotgun (KC-23-1) kinda just to practice more H-modelling and decided to further refine my texturing techniques and abilities, managed to texture wood for the first time here...personally i thought i enjoyed doing the wood rather than the metal even though i think that my wood is insanely meh.

Anyways, I would love critiques and comments from the community and thank you for your patience!

PS: posting my first pass but received some quick critique from WAYWO
PPS: the orange on the stock is supposed to be wood dings and scratches

1st pass:
Ha8yN.pngEDIT: lost the file due to imgur losing it and me not keeping a spare

2nd pass:

Diff,norm,spec(scaled from 2k to 1k):

also will use dropbox in future to host pics...imgur seems to lose some quality :S


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