Resource budget on mobile platforms?

Hey guys, I've been searching for hours trying to figure out what the triangle budget is for an iphone 4 and a 4s. Currently, I am part of a team that is creating an indie title for mobile platforms. We currently are using completely baked lighting with only a diffuse shader in the unity engine. Additionally we are using cell shading, which means you take the base mesh of every model, flip the polygons and give it a black material to give each model a cool outline effect. The price of this however is the doubling of the total polycount.

Our game is from an isometric point of view, where 100 grid fields are seen at any given time.

Can someone please give us some help with the amount of drawcalls and triangle count that an iphone 4 and an iphone 4s could handle along with the amount of memory the GPU has for texture maps?

Thanks so much in advanced polycount!


  • poopipe
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    It depends?

    On our engine ( which is not unity ) you can touch each pixel 6 times before frag shader performance becomes a problem.

    tri counts arent a big issue as long as you're sensible. I've not seen a situation where tri count has been the main performance hit

    draw calls are a big issue

    Bones per triangle influence is a big issue

    you have quite a lot of memory at your disposal (60mb i think but that has to hold geometry etc as well ) but a comparatively weak gpu on the 4. the 4s is an awful lot more capable in that regard
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    Yeah its hard to say exactly but we have made bravo force ( ) using unity and baked lighting etc like you and it has around 18000 triangles in the whole level but we use occlusion culling so the camera is probably only ever looking at about 5000 to 10000 triangles at any one time. Physics in unity can have a massive impact on fps and smoothness of gameplay, if you have lots of physics items eg make sure to check your physics settings carefully like sometimes u have to use discrete not continuous etc.
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