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Hi all, first post on polycount;

Having been very on and off with ZBrush, I've recently come back to it again in an attempt to improve my work, and this is my latest effort, named after the reference model I used.

It's obviously WIP and any comments would be appreciated.


I think I need to add a little more volume to her chin, and the eyes need more work. I also need to improve the quality of the surface as a whole.

I put this up on zbrushcentral, but I find I spend much more time browsing here these days, and hopefully I can get some feedback from you talented lads and lasses.

One thing I would like to know, is how much time you spend working in perspective view? This model has been made entirely in orthographic, and as a result looks a bit strange when I turn perspective on. Is that down to a change I need to make to my workflow, or does ZBrush have a strange FOV as default?

Hope to post an update soon. Cheers.


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