Looking for a lost 3DS Max plugin/script/modeling suite

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Hey all!

I just spent the last two hours trying to find a 3DS Max modeling package that I tried a year or two ago and want to play with again. Obviously I forgot the name of it, but if I remember correctly :

- It certainly wasn't Polyboost, CSpolytools, Meshtools, RappaTools, or anything by Miauu or Marius.

- One of the key features is that it allowed for "painting the edge flow" straight within the model. Not like retopology (Max-retopo or Wrap-it style). In a way it was a bit similar to Marius' Poly Flow script, but closer to what an "advanced cut tool" could be.

- The toolset was even modifying the display behavior of 3DSMax, using new colors (bright orange, green...) for preview, kind of like Nex does in Maya.

- I believe it was brushed-based.

- Last, I think that the demo video featured a cube being poly edited in all kind of interesting ways. The pitch was about the tools being close to sculptor tools rather than usual polygon editing tools.

I admit that this is very cryptic ... but I am pretty sure that at least a few people here are using it regularly :)

Thanks if you can help!



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